Bad Touch Rocks

Bad Touch are a young UK based rock band who formed 6 years ago whilst all the members were still in school or college. Like most bands the early years were spend toiling away in local pubs playing covers of some rock classics whilst at the same time introducing some of their own compositions into an ever expanding set. During these formative years the band began to get noticed and soon due to their dynamic live shows became favourites at many local venues.

Eventually the bands original material took precedence and it was not long before they recorded their first EP at the Leeders Farm Studio – home of local hero’s The Darkness.

The desire to get their music to a wider audience led the band to seek gigs around the country and this was instrumental in the band being awarded an Exposure Music Award in 2012 for their live show and being invited to play at Hard Rock Hell for the 1st time.

2013 was a great year for the band building up to a tour of the UK with The Quireboys and winning the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest.

2014 saw the band step up to become regulars at many venues around the country. Tours with Bonafide, The Electric Boys and Tyketto gave them a great education in performance and this combined with some high profile sets at festivals such as Download, Steelhouse, Legends of Rock and Hard Rock Hell has shown that the band can deliver the goods time after time.

In 2015 band record their debut album at Foel Studios and the completed ‘Half Way Home’ released on 27th April was universally well received and gained great reviews,

2015 was also a great year for touring with the band completing an 18-date UK tour with The Answer as well as UK tours with Tyketto and Snakecharmer with shows gaining praise from fans and critics alike.

Booking agents TKO are now working with the band so 2016 will be a busy year – tours with Jared James Nichols and Kentucky Headhunters are already in place and more touring is in the pipeline. They will also be recording their second album which is due to be released later in the year.

All in all things are looking very bright for these hard working guys. So if you’re into live music at its finest with the vibes of Led Zep and Black Crowes check them out whenever they play in your town or city – you will not be disappointed. 

“Best Live Band, Nominee/Winner 2012”

Exposure Music Awards

 “Norwich bluesy rockers, Bad Touch started off proceedings in a whirlwind of heavy riffs, head banging and hair and more hair – definitely ones to watch out for.”- The Quireboys, Bonafide & Bad Touch – Bristol 02 Academy 6 Oct 2013 –

Shona Cutt, Shona Cutt Graphic Design and Photography (Nov 14, 2013)

” ‘Down’. A song full of classic rock n’ roll swagger, it grabs you by the throat and forces your attention. Thick heavy chords and tight well thought out lead coupled with solid backing that gets you pumped up. The song is well balanced, dipping in and out, slowing and building at the right times – creating what is basically a quintessential rock song. This is in no way a bad thing, Bad Touch execute it with such prowess that it strange to think that this song hasn’t filled arenas – yet.”

literatelobster, Sound Cavern (Oct 23, 2013)

“There is no doubt that Bad Touch are a true rock band, through and through. A solid rhythm section, thick heavy chords and classic blues rock licks combine to give the band a sound that is modern – while remaining true to their classic rock influences. They have taken classic rock and ran their own way with it – and it works. These lads are talented, to say the least. They do more than provide a soundtrack, they provide an atmosphere. The recording of the album is polished, yet the sound still feels raw, maintaining a live element that is a key factor in any decent rock recording. From the first listen of the album, it is clear that Bad Touch know what they are doing.”

literatelobster, Sound Cavern (Oct 23, 2013)

“They come from a music school that has shown us some great Hard Rock names, United Kingdom. I like to watch young people gain ground in the music scene! In short, I really like them because they know how to rock with attitude. Pure rock & roll stuff!”

George “Snaki” Lane, BeRock Radio Minizine (Nov 04, 2013)